The Hummingbird Class is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of active younger toddlers as they transition through stages in their development that include increased mobility, the beginnings of more regulated sleeping and eating patterns, and curiosity about almost everything that they encounter. Learning centers are arranged so that children can choose the materials they want to work with, allowing them to explore their own interests at their own pace.

The Young toddler’s days are filled with hands-on learning experiences, music and movement activities, and opportunities to independently explore the different learning centers within their classroom. The different learning centers include:

  • a dramatic play center
  • a block area
  • an area for manipulatives and puzzles
  • an art area
  • a cozy area

The toys and materials in each center are rotated regularly to promote interest and the current curriculum. We also conduct circle time daily where we read 

favorite books, sing songs, play games and do finger plays. Children are encouraged, but not forced, to participate in group time activities.

Our younger toddler curriculum supports process-oriented art and sensory experiences that promote the exploration of materials and the encouragement of creativity. Through these hands-on experiences, children learn different ways to manipulate materials and to create products of self-expression.

The schedule in our toddler programs is very flexible in order to meet the individual needs of each child. It allows for:

  • Lots of music and large movement activities throughout the day to promote physical development
  • Peer interactions and group projects are encouraged throughout the day to promote appropriate social skills through a positive peer experience.
  • Our young toddlers also enjoy outdoor play time twice each day (weather permitting) as well as walks around the campus to explore our beautiful grounds.

Communication between our teachers and families is one of our top priorities. Besides our ongoing face to face meetings at pick up and drop off times, we also communicate with families using a digital communication tool, The Learning Genie. iPads in each classroom allow our teachers to send you daily reports, pictures, and even videos. Families can download this app on their smart phone to receive updates in real time or receive these communications through their email. At the end of each day, you will receive a detailed report which includes what your infant ate, drank, how they slept, their diaper changes, and any activities they participated in throughout their day at school. Our schools hold Parent/Teacher Conferences twice a year too so you will have the opportunity to come in and a have a personal meeting with your child’s teacher to plan for their next steps in development within our program.