Our strong early educational programs have provided students with strong fundamental learning skills. Parents who have put their children through our programs have seen the successes of our childhood education programs in their children. Let’s check out what some parents have to say about Child Time Inc.

Hi Ronnie,

I am one of the parents of one of the Pandas at the 2nd Ave location. I wanted to take a minute this morning and share a huge thank you to your staff for their efforts this morning.

As you know life with a toddler can sometimes be challenging, this morning was one of those mornings when my little one had what I like to refer to as a “nuclear meltdown” as my wife and I both have very demanding jobs mornings like this can be frustrating to put it mildly. When I was able to round up my little one and get him down to pre-school and walked into the door I immediately recognized that my morning was apparently the norm. There must have been something in the air since a large portion of the children were having a similar challenging morning.

This where I literally saw the ENTIRE staff rise to the occasion and handle the situation with amazing professionalism, warmth and care. It was like watching a well-oiled machine, yet each individual was just doing their own part to help a child (or two). Seeing this has once again reaffirmed that we are sending our little one to the best possible pre-school around.

Thanks you greatly to you and your amazing staff.

Larry Jensen, PMP



Personally, I feel that the quality of care that is offered to my children, by Child Time Inc., is outstanding.

The teachers at Child Time, Inc. seem fully invested in the future of each one of the children.  My children’s teachers have been understanding, patient, loving, and genuinely caring throughout our experience with Child Time and have essentially helped my kids to be ready for school and ready for social interaction with other children and adults. Even after 5 years, my oldest son’s teachers from Avenues Preschool still remember him and still give him hugs!

At the beginning of each new class, at Second Avenues Preschool and Avenues Preschool, I have noticed the special way each teacher bonds with each child, treating each child as an individual and making an effort to recognize each child’s needs, wants, and learning style.  Their commitment and desire for each student to succeed academically, emotionally, and physically, is apparent in everything they do and I appreciate their eagerness to help each child.  My youngest child loves going to preschool each day to play with peers and to benefit from the special bond he feels with his teachers!

Thank you Child Time, Inc.!


Migan Orton



We had such a great experience at the Second Avenues Preschool. This is the first preschool our daughter went to. We love all the teachers and the administration, too. The curriculum really fosters creativity and imagination in the kids. The teachers are very attentive to the children’s needs. I feel like this school really helped to bring my shy daughter out of her shell, and helped her to develop skills necessary to progress in other schools as she grows up. The only reason we left this school is because she aged out of it, and then she switched to the Avenues Preschool, which we also love! I’d highly recommend any Child Time schools to anyone looking for a preschool for their children.

Ann Wigham



We absolutely LOVE Child Time. The teachers and staff are amazing. They care so much about these kids and they love their jobs. Our son has grown immensely since starting- from his vocabulary to social skills to other milestones (hand-washing, coloring, eating, etc…) it has been incredible to watch. Child Time has our full endorsement!!! Highly recommend. 

Christina McCall