* Available at The Second Avenues Preschool & The Eastside Preschool

This program is designed for children that are walking, down to 1 nap a day, are able to feed themselves finger foods and are off of the bottle. In order to provide a quality program for children so young, we must first meet the physical needs of the group. In order to accomplish this, children must be on the same physical needs schedule. At this age, the children are ready for more structure and opportunities to experience the world around them. We keep the routine of the day very consistent, knowing that children are comforted by routine. The teachers develop the curriculum weekly based on the interests and developmental goals of the children enrolled, so each week is a different, more powerful learning experience. The classroom is organized into learning centers with Developmentally Appropriate activities and materials. Teachers spend their days on the floor with the children to facilitate social and emotional development, emerge independence, budding self help skills and language development. Age appropriate academics include: animal names & sounds, identifying body parts, recognition of colors and shapes, vocabulary, participates in songs & finger plays, early counting, matching & sorting.