Our Commitment

The Eastside Preschool is committed to providing families with the highest standard professional quality nurtured care and opportunities for learning. Our goal is to offer a Reggio Emilia Learning Environment that will provide an exceptional early childhood experience for community children. The program atmosphere views and supports children as strong, confident students, capable of constructing their own learning and educational development. We encourage independent thought, hands on exploration and social and emotional development through emergent curriculum and developmentally appropriate practice.

Here at The Eastside Preschool we offer the following programs:

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About Our Director, Barbra Christofferson

Barbra joined our team at The Eastside Preschool in 2005 as a teacher in the 2/3 year old class. Her past experience in management made her a logical choice to move into the director’s office in 2007. Barbra works very hard to keep everything running smoothly at Eastside. She is a great support to the staff and works with the teachers to ensure that the needs of all children are met. Barbra has a beautiful daughter that she loves dearly.