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Welcome to The Cottonwood Prescool

The Cottonwood Preschool is Now Enrolling!

The Cottonwood Preschool is a child care center that provides a kind, loving and respectful community of learners. We serve families in the greater Salt Lake City area. We are enrolling children ages 0-5 years old.

Contact us today by phone at 801-748-0449 or contact us to schedule a tour.

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The Cottonwood Preschool offers the following programs:

Our Commitment

The Eastside Preschool is committed to providing families with the highest standard of child-inspired, professionally nurtured care and opportunities for early childhood learning. Our goal is to offer a Reggio Emilia Learning Environment that provides an exceptional early childhood experience by providing a community for children. The program atmosphere supports children as strong, confident students, capable of constructing their own learning. We encourage independent thought, hands on exploration and social and emotional development through emergent curriculum and developmentally appropriate practice.

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