1. Feeding Your Child’s Curiosity

    Being a child means carrying an abundance of curiosity. Whether it’s wondering why something happened, or how the world was created, the mind of a child is full of curiosity that leads to questioning. Curiosity is a fundamental skill utilized in all of schooling, whether your child is going into kindergarten or high school. Curiosity is the foundation for critical thinking, creativity and much m…Read More

  2. Reggio Emilia Vs. Montessori Schools

    At Child Time Inc., our programs and curriculum are centered around the Reggio Emilia approach. The Reggio Emilia approach, conceived from the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy after World War II, is an educational movement for preschool and early elementary schools. We believe that this program is a powerful source of teaching toddlers and young children as it puts the child and their unique needs at …Read More

  3. The Power of Preschool

    Getting your toddler ready for preschool can be both a nervous and exciting experience for both you as a parent and your child. Kick starting their educational career will help provide the foundation for what your child will build upon as they enter kindergarten into elementary school. It  can also play a big role in your child’s develop socially and emotionally. At Child Time Inc, our Reggio E…Read More

  4. A Healthy & Fast Breakfast for Your Preschooler

    Getting ready for school in the morning can be quite the hassle as a parent. You ensure that your kids are awake, get their teeth brushed, fed and ready for the school day. Though it may seem like it would be easy to just give them some Froot Loops for breakfast, giving your child a healthy and nutritionally balanced breakfast can shape the outcome of their day and enhance lessons taught in school…Read More

  5. The Reggio Emilia Approach

    The core of Child Time Inc. is centered around your child’s educational development. To do this, we create customized curriculum that are designed around your child’s interests, needs, and desires. The classroom is catered to the unique makeup of the students and their educational developmental needs. The Reggio Emilia approach was conceived from the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy after World Wa…Read More

  6. Make Music A Part Of Your Home

    March is the annual Music In Our Schools month, and this year will be the 31st anniversary of this incentive by the National Association for Music Education. NAfME offers teachers and schools the opportunity to have access to music from around the world, and even features videos sent in from schools that can be played in classrooms and as part of the celebration. It is a great idea for parents als…Read More

  7. The Right Books For Your Child

    Your child isn’t going to become a great reader overnight, but it can happen one book at a time. But what is the best way for you to choose the right book for your child to read? It may be second nature to feel like you should be picking your child’s books, but the fact remains that letting your child choose their own books is a skill that they should learn at young age. By allowing your child…Read More

  8. How to Deal with Picky Eaters

    One of the most common struggles parents have is dealing with picky eaters. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Your toddler takes a few bites of food and announces he’s “done” You can stock your fridge and shelves full but your little one will only eat the same 5 things over and over. Your child asks for one thing, you make it, then she asks for something else then decides she wants som…Read More

  9. What Parents Need To Know About Kids And Dirt

    As a parent it can be more than a bit unnerving in having to deal with all the strange things that kids do. As spring comes around and children who have been cooped up indoors all year take to the backyard, playgrounds, and parks parent may observe some very perplexing and potentially concerning behaviors. Children, especially toddlers, are very likely to be learning about the world around them fo…Read More