The pre-kindergarten year is full of excitement and exploration, fundamentals necessary to have a positive outlook on early education. Our focus during this year is to prepare the children for a smooth transition into the elementary school environment by providing them with the skills necessary to succeed. There is a focus on reinforcing self governing skills, making good choices and following directions, all of which will be expected of your child in the elementary environment. The curriculum is developed to provide ample opportunities for capitalizing on the children’s developing interests in literacy. As the children begin to comprehend the written and spoken word, they enjoy activities in the Writing and Language Centers provided at the school. There are opportunities for writing in every learning center, as well as hands on language activities throughout the class. Reading books that display rhyming and repetition and alphabet books are just a few types of stories that are incorporated to encourage a love, appreciation, and understanding for literature. The curriculum will also encourage the development of recognizing patterns, identifying numerals and quantities, basis addition and subtraction, science concepts and a continued focus on creativity and problem solving. All activities are hands-on and focus on the process of learning, not just the end result. It is important to encourage that enjoying the process of learning is just as important as getting good grades. It has been proven time and again that children will learn and retain more knowledge if the process of education is fun and meaningful to the child. This class helps to develop a love of learning that will prepare them for a lifetime of education.