They’re constantly moving, exploring, talking, and learning, and half the time, you feel like you can hardly keep up. Your toddler is growing before your eyes, and it’s essential that they have a daycare that can provide the best support and encouragement to help them continue to grow. At Child Time Inc., we are a Salt Lake City daycare center that you can trust, where we implement the Reggio Emilia philosophy in a caring, compassionate, and curiosity-focused manner.

With our Toddler Program (available at The Second Avenues Preschool and The Eastside Preschool), the design of the room and day itself is structured to foster learning and growth as a whole. Here are just some of the highlights:

Building Routines

This is the first of our early childhood programs that implements more structure, in order to allow for collaborative growth, as well as prepare for school

Diverse Learning

Teachers develop a weekly curriculum based on what students are interested in to help encourage their own curiosities and passion for learning

Social/Emotional Growth

We work with students to learn and participate in developmentally appropriate activities so that they can grow in their social and emotional capacities

Guiding Your Toddler As They Grow

Toddlers experience so many monumental milestones and changes in this period of their lives, and the right daycare center can make an enormous difference in their earliest experiences. Here are just some of the things you can expect to see from your child during their toddler years:

  • Running and jumping
  • Pre-reading skills, such as holding a book and opening it
  • Increasing independence
  • Saying simple sentences
  • Expressing more emotions

During this time, your toddler will exhibit some incredible moments of growth, and some challenging times that are simply part of the process. Having our daycare center at your side is a way to help your children continue developing amongst peers in an educational setting. To learn more about our Toddler program, contact our daycare center today!

Locations Available:

Avenues Preschool
Second Avenues Preschool
Cottonwood Preschool
Eastside Preschool