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Child Time Inc.’s programs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and are designed to bring the best out of your children. The early childhood education programs at our preschool and daycare create an atmosphere to build strong, confident students, who are capable of constructing their own learning.

With our programs, you can get the best in compassion and care for your child. See what Child Time Inc. can do for you and your family by taking a look at our programs!

Infant Program

  • Designed for infants, children up to the age of 12 months (walking age)
  • 1:4 Teacher to Child ratio
  • Napping, eating, and various activities are on the child’s personal schedule

*Available at The Cottonwood Preschool


Young Toddler Program

  • Created for active young toddlers
  • Learning centers and facilitated activities
  • Children explore at their own pace

*Available at The Cottonwood Preschool


Toddler Program

  • Best for toddlers who are walking, down to one nap a day, and are able to feed themselves finger foods
  • Routine is built into the schedule
  • Varied curriculum and lessons planned each week

*Available at All Locations


2/3 Year Old Classroom

  • Facilitating individual, small group, and large group play
  • Hands-on learning enviroment
  • Music, movement, art, dramatic play, blocks and building, and so much more

*Available at All Locations


3/4 Year Old Classroom

  • Focusing on emotional, social, and early academic growth
  • Practicing sharing, taking turns, listening, verbally communication, and more
  • Learning centers encourage child's own construction of their Knowledge

*Available at all locations



  • Help early comprehension of written and spoken word
  • Preparing children for kindergarten and school as a whole
  • Developing social, emotional, and academic comcepts, such as mathmatics, science, literacy, art, and more

*Available at The Avenues Preschool, The Eastside Preschool & Cottonwood Preschool


The Sunshine Club

  • Kindergarten after care.
  • After school program for elementary-aged children
  • Open on many days that public schools are closed
  • Fun academic extensions that encourage creativity, movement, and intrigue

*Available at The Eastside Preschool only


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