Child Time Inc.’s programs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and are designed to bring the best out of your children. Our early childhood education programs provides an atmosphere to create strong, confident students capable of constructing their own learning. To learn more about the Reggio Emilia approach, click here and here.


Infant Program 

*Available at The Cottonwood Preschool

The Ladybug classroom is designed for children 6 weeks to walking—about 12 months of age. The ratio in this group is 1:4. The infant program focuses on meeting each child’s individual needs in a loving and responsive environment. Our teachers understand the importance of partnering with parents to provide for a smooth transition into the classroom environment. We do not attempt to adapt the child to a preset routine or schedule. We work with families to understand the at-home routines of each child so that we can follow the same schedules. All infants are on their own eating, napping, and activity schedule.


Young Toddler Program

*Available at The Cottonwood Preschool

The Hummingbird Class is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of active younger toddlers as they transition through stages in their development that include increased mobility, the beginnings of more regulated sleeping and eating patterns, and curiosity about almost everything that they encounter. Learning centers are arranged so that children can choose the materials they want to work with, allowing them to explore their own interests at their own pace.

Toddler Program

* Available at The Second Avenues Preschool & The Eastside Preschool

This program is designed for children that are walking, down to 1 nap a day, are able to feed themselves finger foods and are off of the bottle. In order to provide a quality program for children so young, we must first meet the physical needs of the group. In order to accomplish this, children must be on the same physical needs schedule. At this age, the children are ready for more structure and opportunities to experience the world around them. We keep the routine of the day very consistent, knowing that children are comforted by routine. The teachers develop the curriculum weekly based on the interests and developmental goals of the children enrolled, so each week is a different, more powerful learning experience. The classroom is organized into learning centers with Developmentally Appropriate activities and materials. Teachers spend their days on the floor with the children to facilitate social and emotional development, emerging independence, budding self help skills, and language development. Age-appropriate academics include: animal names & sounds, identifying body parts, recognition of colors and shapes, vocabulary, participating in songs & finger plays, early counting, and matching & sorting.

2/3 Year Old Classroom

*Available at The Second Avenues Preschool & The Eastside Preschool

This room is arranged to facilitate individual, small group, and large group play. During this year there is a tremendous amount of social and emotional development, crucial to providing a strong early childhood education. The children transition from parallel to interactive play as they learn acceptable ways of sharing their wide array of emotions. Self esteem and self confidence are nurtured as a basis for academic learning, so your child understands the strengths in academic confidence. It is crucial for a child to feel good about themselves and confident in their own abilities to learn in order to try new things and participate in groups. Independence and self help skills are developing rapidly at this age, like potty training. The children feel a sense of pride as they master new skills. Our Panda Bears are provided with a hands-on learning environment consisting of learning centers for math & science, blocks & building, dramatic play, art & sensory and a language & book center. In addition there are ample opportunities throughout the day for music and movement activities. The curriculum is developed weekly, enabling us to tailor it to the specific developmental needs of the group and create an academic environment catered to the needs of the children in the classroom.

3/4 Year Old Classroom

*Available at all locations

Children in this classroom are typically eager to explore the world around them. As they grow more and more independent, they are typically enthusiastic about the preschool classroom and learning new things. Teachers continue to provide emotional support as the children begin to take controlled risks and problem solve within the classroom environment. The children are learning to share, take turns, listen, communicate verbally, and to negotiate within the classroom community as part of their continuing social development. The Dinosaur class encourages the natural curiosity that is within each and every child by providing choices within the classroom setting that challenge and inspire the children. The room is arranged in learning centers that emphasize the development of fine and gross motor skills, creativity, pre-reading skills, number concepts, art exploration, social awareness, and a variety of other concepts throughout the year to provide a strong early childhood education. The Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum is developed weekly to meet the needs of the individuals within the group as well as provide appropriate challenges as necessary. We strive to provide a loving and supportive environment that reinforces the ideology that learning is fun and exciting.



*Available at The Avenues Preschool & The Eastside Preschool

The pre-kindergarten year is full of excitement and exploration and the fundamentals necessary to have a positive outlook on early education. Our focus during this year is to prepare the children for a smooth transition into the elementary school environment by providing them with the skills necessary to succeed. There is a focus on reinforcing self-governing skills, making good choices, and following directions—all of which will be expected of your child in the elementary environment. The curriculum is developed to provide ample opportunities for capitalizing on the children’s developing interests in literacy. As the children begin to comprehend the written and spoken word, they enjoy activities in the Writing and Language Centers provided at the school. There are opportunities for writing in every learning center, as well as hands on language activities throughout the class. Reading books that display rhyming and repetition and alphabet books are just a few types of stories that are incorporated to encourage a love, appreciation, and understanding for literature. The curriculum will also encourage the development of recognizing patterns, identifying numerals and quantities, basis addition and subtraction, science concepts and a continued focus on creativity and problem solving. All activities are hands-on and focus on the process of learning, not just the end result. It is important to encourage that enjoying the process of learning is just as important as getting good grades. It has been proven time and again that children will learn and retain more knowledge if the process of education is fun and meaningful to the child. This class helps to develop a love of learning that will prepare them for a lifetime of education.

Private Kindergarten

*Available at The Avenues Preschool only

Our Private Kindergarten is a combination of our educational philosophy and the Utah State Office of Education Core Standards for Kindergarten. Along with the Reggio Emilia method, we use the Kindergarten and First Grade levels of the SRA Open Court Reading and Math Programs to provide a strong, well rounded Kindergarten education. The Open Court Reading program is a phonetically based program, an essential program for the Kindergarten level. Using the same program as the Salt Lake City School District, it will make for a smoother transition to the first grade. Other aspects of the curriculum will include science, social studies, penmanship, art, music, and basic computer skills. Some of the many highlights of the Private Kindergarten Class: * Small class size, 1:12 * Low teacher to child ratio, less than half of the state ratio * Individual attention * Children’s participation in planning curriculum * Curriculum that reflects the children’s interests * Development of creativity and individualism * Hands-on environment * Higher level of academics * Limited school closures * There are also after-care programs available until 6:00 P.M.

The Sunshine Club

*Available at The Eastside Preschool only

This program is a fun and creative environment for the children to explore after they leave elementary school. The class provides stimulating activities as part of an age-appropriate curriculum, based on the interests of the children. Some recent study topics include national parks, mysteries around the world and author studies. The class activities are based on art and science, providing the children an opportunity to be creative and express themselves. We incorporate plenty of games and gross motor activities as well to make sure the children are enjoying the Sunshine Club. We provide care on days that the public schools are closed and we are open, Career Ladder, UEA, Parent Teacher Conferences, and other days of the year that students are off. The Summer Program is a full day version of the class that incorporates field trips, swimming lessons, and much more.