P.S:1) Please complete “Center Application for Enrollment” form, change the name of the document and then send the document to the location that you are interested in having your child attend.

For the Third Avenues location send the form to avenues@childtimeinc.com

For the Second Avenues location send the form to secondavenues@childtimeinc.com

For the Eastside location send the form to eastside@childtimeinc.com

The director will contact you once they have received the form and notify you if there are any openings or if there is a waiting list for the age group.

P.S: 2) Please complete the “Employment Application” form, save the form naming it your last name, email the completed form to tasha@childtimeinc.com and we will contact you.

Application and Information:

Enrollment Forms:


Employment Information:
Employment Application

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