This room is arranged to facilitate individual, small group and large group play. During this year, there is a tremendous amount of social and emotional development, crucial to providing a strong early childhood education. The children transition from parallel to interactive play as they learn acceptable ways of sharing their wide array of emotions. Self esteem and self confidence nurtured as a basis for academic learning, so your child understands the strengths in academic confidence. It is crucial for a child to feel good about themselves and confident in their own abilities to learn in order to try new things and participate in groups. Independence and self help skills are developing rapidly at this age, like potty training. The children feel a sense of pride as they master new skills. Our Panda Bears are provided with a hands-on learning environment consisting of learning centers for Math & Science, Blocks & Building, Dramatic Play, Art & Sensory and a Language & book center. In addition there are ample opportunities throughout the day for Music and movement activities. The curriculum is developed weekly, enabling us to tailor it to the specific developmental needs of the group and create an academic environment catered to the needs of the children in the classroom.